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Flores Island
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The Flores island is 16.6 km long and has 12.2 km at its maximum width, which translates into a surface of 141.4 sq. km. Together with the island of Corvo, which is 17.9 km away, it forms the Western Group of the Azores Archipelago. The European Continent has its westernmost point on this piece of land where 3 793 people live (2011 data). At an altitude of 911 metres, the Morro Alto is the island’s highest point and is located at 39°27’48’’ latitude north and 31°13’13’’ west. 
Flores Island, is the most Western point in Europe, with daily connections from São Miguel, Horta and Terceira, it is only 3 hours flight from Lisbon and is traditionally a land of kind and hospitable people.