Coast Spinning: It's advised fishing rods between 2,90m and 3,30m for strengths from 30 to 100 gr,  attached to a fishing reel sized 4000, 5000 or 6000. In line roller the multifilament line of 30lb and nylon terminals between 0,40 and 0,62 depending on the coast conditions and the target species.

On Board Spinning: It's identical to coast spinning but with smaller fishing rods, normally between 2,40m and 2,70m.
Light Jigging: This type of fishing is used in various depts around 30 to 60 meters, it's advised a short fishing rods, somewhere between the 1,80m and 2,20m for strengths between the 80 and 200grammes would be the ideial, the wheight of the most used jigs are around the 90 and 150 gr, for the multifilament 30 ou 40 lb are advised as for the nylon terminals the thickness should be between 0,50 and 0,65.
Heavy Jigging: The fishing pole should be potent and with lenght between 1,60 and 2,10m. The multifilament to use is between the 50lb and the 80 lb, but the mostly recommended are the 65lb, the weight influences in the jigs to use, between the 200 and 400 grammes.

Deep Sea Fishing: The boat is equipped with both electric and traditional (manual) reels for those whom want to adventure in this world of deep chams, with a very favourable bathymetric to this kind of fishing (several fishing banks[shoul] between the 300 to 600 meters) the island counts with the presence of Groupers and Beams.

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